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Microwave Holocaust

[a micro story]
"Oh Shit!" said that professor/scientist. Everyone who had used a microwave oven was going to die. She didn't waste time saying "That can't be" because she had already found out that something that scientists thought to be impossible was actually possible - regarding microwaves and food. "What a fucking waste!" she said. Scientists elsewhere were saying "What a freaking waste!". Fuck or freak, they were going to fucking die anyway. They had all used the "devil's devious device". Atheists elsewhere were saying that they had all used the "science's suicidal side-effect". But "devil's devious device" or "science's suicidal side-effect", they were all going to just fucking die anyway! Slum dwellers everywhere were rejoicing. They had never seen a microwave. AIDS was a problem to them, but the stupid scientists had found a cure for AIDS, though they hardly got laid themselves. Even the slum-born genius who had fought his whole life to get an education and become a scientist had then put on a white lab coat and heated his coffee in that damned ('darned' - corrected that upper class guy who eyed every moving ass but was too proper to get himself any) microwave with a smile of accomplishment in his face. What a fucking waste indeed! The bunch of unshaved guys in their underwear in their apartment who were deciding between lisp and python for their zillion dollar startup didn't do any better either. The members of the BANUWEP ("Ban All NUclear WEaPons) group, who were, until that moment, organizing huge protests throughout the world, were scrambling to get laid one last time. A scientist somewhere smiled, between throwing up blood, that Fermi's paradox was resolved.
Anonymous wrote on Jul 31, 2006:
Brilliant.Welcome back!!!!.Guess what was the Word Verification sequence?? "uifo" Fricking creepy ;-)

Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 02, 2006:
dei TVK! tx da :-) i'm glad u liked it.