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“Kirubakaran has been instrumental in not only completing the projects on time, but helping design the products and architecting the solutions too. He takes deadlines very seriously. Most recently, he got a product done for a board presentation, and pulled multiple all nighters to make sure that it was completely functional.”
Anirban, CTO, Evernote
“Our traffic has tripled since we started working with Kirubakaran, and our customers are spending 40% more time in our app. I strongly recommend Kirubakaran for any webapp development project.”
Kathy, Director of Product Mgmt, POPin
“Kirubakaran jumped in and immediately got the project back on track. His work led to a key insight in the customer experience workflow and a 5x increase in sales conversions. Would definitely take any opportunity to work with him again.”
Robert, Head of Engineering, ZeroCater
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