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I have half-heartedly blogged before (looks like October 2, 2003 is when I first did)… Mostly as a means to get GMail account in those days. But I plan to whole-heartedly blog from now.

This morning, sipping a beautiful cup of chai tea that my mom made (mom and dad are visiting me) and battling to keep my eye-lids in ‘open’ state, I stumbled upon this site that challenges you to tell Programming Language Writers from Serial Killers. Loved it.

If you have ever used Excel, you should see this site. Wonderful work! And cool name :-)

Have any of you tried installing Linux on an iPod? Here is a site which shows how. Please do write to me if you have tried it or even if you are going to.

Please do leave a comment or two…

Mallik Reddy wrote on Jul 21, 2005:
Good thing.. You always had a perspective of your own that is different from others… So, this blog would be a valuable addition to the information savvy world.
Thoughts to bite wrote on Jul 21, 2005:
Hi kiruba,

Nice beginning to blog your thoughts.

i fared 9/10 for quiz on "Programming Language Writers and Serial Killers".
Not a difficult one....

Keep going
Anonymous wrote on Jul 27, 2005:
What the BLOG is going on here? Seems like another chat room. Must say I like the 'Relations bit, funny!