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Sorting Out The World's Problems

I liked this demo of sorting algorithms. Here is another one. This is a good one too.

Here are some quotes that I came across and enjoyed:

A gun gives you the body, not the bird. - Henry David Thoreau

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. - Roger Miller No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place. - Zen

I love to meet people from different countries and have a casual talk. It has always been interesting… My fav barista (in Ugly Mug) is a South Korean. (I try to avoid these enormous chains like Starbucks & Walmart - But I’ll talk about that later). She told me that they have grandma-style-remedies for cold, cough etc just like in India! A Vietnamese girl [‘stunningly beautiful’, I should add!] that I met, said that she wished Vietnam had lost in the war - so that there would have been democracy now.

Anyways, is the world becoming better day by day? Will a better sorting algorithm help?

Mallik Reddy wrote on Jul 29, 2005:
Wish a Vietnamese thought they lost the war for democracy !!! Well, if America had one the war a new round of colonialism would have started. Imagine if America had won the Iraq war in a month. By now America would be in Iran, Libiya. Vietnam won the war for greater world good if it means pain in the short term !!!! In anycase the benefits of Vietname war is largely debatable. Simple conclusion cannot be drawn.
Anonymous wrote on Jul 29, 2005:
Quotations are good..
Mallik Reddy wrote on Jul 29, 2005:
I know the difference between one and won... :)
Anonymous wrote on Jul 30, 2005:
Hi Kiruba,

Ogling at girls and collecting panacea tips from stunners!!!
Cool....Way to go...

Anonymous wrote on Aug 01, 2005:
Hi karan,

No comments!!! :-p
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 05, 2005:
I remember the night long discussion we had at 2003 Thanks Giving 'get together' at Murali's house :-D

@TVK (also known as TV Kumar, also known as thirupu)
yenda avamaana paduthure? :-)

@Other 'Anonymous Guys'
Ano1 : Thanks!
Ano2 : No comments to you too!