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Back With A Vengeance

Done with my pouting!

Stroll in Alki Beach (West Seattle) was wonderful - it did help :) We did a lot of kayaking on sunday in the Lake Washington. Besides that, played lot of racquet ball.

I just love playing racquet ball. But I got beaten up pretty badly by my friend today :) Not just badly - really badly!… Need to work on my game big time. :-)

You should be seeing a lot more posts over the next few days. I will try to blog this (long) weekend too. The plan is to drive to Vancouver and Victoria (for the nth time for me) in Canada. Victoria, being an island, requires a ferry ride = really long wait times. It is a beautiful ride though… well worth the wait.

Speaking of Canada, Vancouver, BC is as beautiful as Seattle but with lesser rain. So many people like V,BC better. I love the rain as well as the sun. So I like both cities. They are just about 3 hours apart. But the drivers in the BC (British Columbia - the province in which Vancouver and Victoria are located) are more ‘tame’, you know what I mean… Canadian roads make great race tracks. On the trip to the Canadian Rockies (Banff) with my friends Gopi and Suresh, we broke speed limits and may be even speed records for that kind of car. No one ever honked. Once, in the middle of the night, we wondered how it would look if we drove with the head lights off. We turned it off and decided that it was a ‘bad idea’ and turned it back on. The cars ahead of us thought that we are signalling something and yielded to us almost immediately! Yeah thats what I meant when I said ‘tame’. They must be great people! No wonder the crime rate is so low.

Eyes seem to close by themselves… c’ya!.. G’Nite.

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