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"Happy Birthday, India!"... from her friends...

Eric and Suzanna are colleagues of my friend Gopi. I will let the pictures speak. They planned this a week in advance. There were many more treats :) Their knowledge and interest about India is impressive. I don’t know much about America right now - I should definitely learn more….

That brings us to my friend Mark. Man! He knows so much about India, her cultural diversity, history etc etc… He loves Indian food… He is fond of the Indian culture… He reads ‘Times of India’ more often than I do. It will take several posts to cover that topic!

Anonymous wrote on Aug 23, 2005:
Man!!.....u have an interesting blog...i find myself reading it everyday....!
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 23, 2005:
Thank you!
If you don't mind, can you plz say who you are? ( Just curious, you know...:-) )