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'Holi' Moly!

I didn’t know that men are beaten up by their wives on Holi celebration! My colleague Lenny had seen it on TV.. It seems they showed women wacking their husbands really aggressively with thick and fearsome sticks! The wives were going for the head mostly! I have always thought of Holi as a friendly festival of colors. I didn’t know this “violence” part. Apparently, the men are well padded. But who knows! Anyways, I googled for it…

I guess this husband-beating brings down the murder rate. Which wife would kill a husband she could beat up into pulps every year? :-D

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Lenny wrote on Aug 31, 2005:
Oh my goodness.... I guess it is just a day to release all pent up 'frustrations'.... thanks for the research. Maybe we should celebrate such a day here in the States!!!