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Jokes Apart?

My friend complained of his stomach being upset. I suggested that he tell some jokes to his stomach.

We went to have dinner at my friend’s. She apologized for her apartment being a mess. I said ‘Thats cool coz we are going to eat!” (for the really spaced out ones, ‘mess’ is where you eat in a hostel etc)

My friend said that she ran out of minutes in her mobile. I said that I have a lot in my watch and offered it to her

These “witty” comments only make my friends sigh - some times a really long sigh… :-( So I have concluded that the world is not ready yet!… :-D

Karthik wrote on Aug 05, 2005:
Kuppusamy jokes...
You can write these jokes to Anantha vikatan.....
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 05, 2005:
Dude! These things happened in real life in real time. Kuppusamy jokes are made up.
Anonymous wrote on Aug 11, 2005:
Pakathula Petchi ilatha dhaiyram.


Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 11, 2005: