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Lake Union

We rented a boat this weekend and explored Lake Union.

Lake Union Boat Pic The event was to honor the two soon-to-be cult-members, mentioned in my previous post. It was an excellent sunny day - which ( in addition to the "responsibility" of steering :) ) was the excuse for my sun glasses. Yeah, you heard me right - there ARE sunny days in Seattle too. Another proof that "they" feed us with lies... I think Hollywood does that just for the kicks. I can't think of any other reason. There were lots of other boats in the lake. Seaplanes were landing and taking off around us. It was cool :) Space needle, Seattle downtown, a seaplane and the moon - as seen from the boat: Thats the I-5 bridge. You can also see where I work: I will update this blog with the group photo of our whole gang as soon as I get it - it was shot in the camera of my friend Dinesh.

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Cipher wrote on Aug 16, 2005:
Thanks for dropping by my blog...
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 16, 2005:
Sure Cipher. You post about you room mate - known in the other blog as 'mokkayan' was very amusing.