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'Make:' Up For It

Its my dream come true! When my parents got me my Apple //c (I mentioned it in my previous post), it came with lots of magazines. I loved inCider, which had lots of programs that I can type in and run. My sister (she was 8 years old then) would read it to help me type faster. Those were Applesoft BASIC programs. My sister and I devised a way for her to tell me that the line ended without saying ‘return’ (so that I won’t type the word ‘return’). She would knock on the table with a bottle of gum that we had. I am digressing… Anyways, the story is, the good inCider magazine company was bought by the bad A+ magazine company and henceforth the magazines were filled with just advertisements :-( And ‘Make:’ by O’Reilly has compensated for that beautifully! God(force/source/universe/you-know-what-I-mean) bless them!

I am writing about it today coz I got hold of Vol. 03 today. I have devoured the first two volumes from cover to cover. Please tolerate my “hyper”. It is easily mistaken as show-off. Anyways, I am not going to explain :-) I am simply too excited to speak properly.

Listing some topics from those volumes to pique your interest: 1. Life Hacks 2. Do-It-Yourself Cold Fusion 3. Turn a $10 single-use camera into a $20 reusable digital camera 4. DVD, Uncrippled 5. Hacking the dog 6. Ten cool Gmail hacks

See for yourself! Enjoy!!

saaral wrote on Sep 04, 2005:
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saaral wrote on Sep 04, 2005:
This makes a tortoise coil swirl in my mind!! There were a lot of techniques that we employed at our childhood... one of them was our technique to stay awake!! i used to sway the window near our bed while we both read, if my swaying slows down, u woke me up!! :-D
I can never forget the tricks u used, to swindle my pocket money!! you sold old bus tickets convincing me that it can be used again ;-)(of course 75 paise tickets for 25 paise!!! and i found it profitable) How bad!! u exploited an innocent mind ;-)
Ok... here comes something positive... u threatened the guys (sorry, they were kids then!!) who teased me when i practised cycling (guess i was 10 years old then ;-))