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Pet Rock!

There was a ‘whose pet looks best?’ competition organized by the diversity group at work. I helped them a little bit in setting up email votes etc.

Tom Sirgedas had sent in a pic of his pet, a rock! This is what he had written:

Here's a picture of my pet rock, George. George is so big, I have to keep him outside in the garden. George is very low maintenance... he only needs water and bath about once a month. George is too old to be taken on walks anymore; however, I can get George to roll-over once in a while. George sits outside of dining room window so I can talk to him on a daily basis. George is very good with kids... he never bites or barks when the kids climb on his back, tease him, or try to push him over. George only had one puppy... which was chip off the old block... named Pebbles. George has been the best pet ever!
Anonymous wrote on Aug 15, 2005:
hey...dude, that was a really good one about the rock. No one nowadays ever notices a rock even if u trip over it everyday in front of ur house.!
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 15, 2005:
Thanks a lot - you comment is very encouraging.

Even if you want to be anonymous to the world, any hints on who you are? :)