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State Slogans

Funny State Slogans For USA: Indiana: 2 Billion Years Tidal Wave Free Idaho: More Than Just Potatoes. Well Okay, Not Really, But The Potatoes Sure Are Real Good Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes And 10,000,000,000,000 Mosquitoes Mississippi: Come And Feel Better About Your Own State Wyoming: Where Men Are Men (And The Sheep Are Scared) [Credit] Indiana: We keep Ohio and Illinois from touching each other [Eric] Wyoming: Where the men are men and the women are too [Karen] How about funny state slogans for India? ( my creations :-) )

Tamil Nadu: We vote for movie stars only. Andhra Pradesh: White frame sun glasses and shiny white shoes are cool. Kerala: ‘Freedom’ of using a lungi. Karnataka: Wat’dya mean Indian culture, dude? Rajasthan: We don’t drink coffee with camel’s milk. Maharashtra: You’ll die for your love? We’ll help. Uttar Pradesh: Worried about the past. Never about the future. Bihar: Beware! Kashmir: Dive or die West Bengal: Fish is a vegetable Punjab: Where there is a Sardharji, there is a …

[This is a work in progress… please let your creative juices flow and comment here!]

maniosai wrote on Aug 31, 2005:
my creations:)

Kerala: Goads own Country
Tamilnadu: Open up to Nature
Karnataka: We hire
Madhya Pradesh: We are the centre of the universe
Kashmir: Witness live cold war
Anonymous wrote on Aug 31, 2005:
Tamil Nadu: We never vote to the same party again
Karnataka: We keep all the water.
Andhra Pradesh: We like to go to America. As far as we know, everyone have enough qualifications.
Andhra Pradesh: We like catching up. So, let others progress now.
Kerala: The gulf state.
Maharastra: We are Indian Born Westerners.
Orissa: We too exist. We too have Infosys
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 31, 2005:
Good ones Mani! esp. Kerala :-))

Hey! Why don't you want the credit? Name or at least pseudonym plz... good ones!
Eric wrote on Sep 01, 2005:
Oh, that’s cool. I hadn’t heard of that one before. I’ve seen lists like that one before (but I can’t remember what motto they gave to Indiana).

I thought of one myself once—“Indiana: We keep Ohio and Illinois from touching each other.”
Anonymous wrote on Sep 01, 2005:
Tamil Nadu - Come explore the waist size of our heroines...It will take u years...
Kerala- If u strain u can find males too
Andhra- Over the top
Gujarat- Black and White-Modi,Gandhi.... Patel,Ambani.
Bihar- Every buffallo has its day including Lalloo.
West Bengal- Everything stands still.Even our Industries
Punjab- Only place u can see theatres screening Sunny Doel films.
Pondicherry- Where wine and....errr only wine flows.

Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 01, 2005:
Impressive da Thirupu (tvk). How are you? Do you like this blog? Any tips to improve? What is the "management's perspective"? :-)
Anonymous wrote on Sep 01, 2005:
Im fine da Kiruba.The blog looks great and u would have noticed that I regularly visit yours.Dei ur the top management da :-))for ur blog.

Any plans of coming to India?

As for tips for improving may be you should include more such interactive posts or general interest posts to improve comments counts and hits.
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 01, 2005:
dei thirupu...
ok da... I will try out those stuff. How are your entrepreneurial efforts going on? I hear updates from other friends about you. Cool!

Kalyaanam eppo? Yep, I have to come to India eventually... may be in a couple of years...:-) I will surely come there for a vacation pretty soon though.