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Still 'anna'! Yayyy!!

Subtitles: Anna = Elder brother ; Akka = Elder sister I think married people form some kind of a married-people-cult and they try all the time to get you in to it. One of their strategies is making their little kids call you ‘uncle’ (or ‘aunty’ - you know what I mean…) and you go “Oh man! Do I look that old??!! Time to get married” and then boom! you are finished!

Yesterday we had a party - hosted by two of my friends who are soon joining that cult. They are making two other poor hapless souls join the same cult too. Chetna, my friend Sudha’s little kid, came to me and asked me if I wanted to wrestle her. I am meeting her for the first time and we instantly became friends. Naturally, we got to play… I ran around with her on my shoulders, spinned her chair etc. When her mom came around and refered to me as uncle, she cutely said “This is not uncle, this is anna!” Yayyy!! Boy! Sudha tried a hundred times to make Chetna call me ‘uncle’ - without any success! We played so much that it compensated very well for the workout that I missed at the gym yesterday. Wow! Kids ARE energetic.

I made sure all my friends knew that I am being called ‘anna’ while they are still being called uncles and aunties :-) They tried their best to get Chetna to call me uncle and of course they failed miserably. Poor guys. I really pity them :-D One of my friends came to Chetna, put up a big pleasing smile and asked “Chetna, am I akka or aunty?”. Chetna said “AUNTIEEE” loud and clear! :-DDD

The icing on the cake was: she pointed at my friend and asked me if thats my mom! WooHoo!!! I would like to mention the name of my friend here but I am sure she will skin me alive if I did!

Cipher wrote on Aug 15, 2005:
Looking fwd for Chetana's pic.....
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 15, 2005:
Hi Cipher,

Chetna's mom is concered about sharing the picture on the internet. So I am not going to post it. I am really sorry. I have even deleted the last line in my blog that said that I am going to post the pic with her mom's permission.

saaral wrote on Aug 15, 2005:
yayyy!!! i'm younger than chetna's anna!!!!
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 15, 2005:
Yep you are!
maniosai wrote on Aug 16, 2005:
Hey the most important reason why some women want guys playing with their kids or coming home as a guest to be referred as Uncle (mama in tamil) is to relieve a preceived social tension of two men and a women scenario. The husband is not generally happy to see his wife being too cordial with a guy who is in hip with his kids as it gives the other guy an equal position with him. Since making the guy uncle to the kid and viceversa making him as brother to her the tension is neutralized. Atleast in the Indian context i have observed this to be true
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 16, 2005:
Wow! Is there so much to it?
Anonymous wrote on Aug 16, 2005:
There were days when 3 guys (or should I say boys!) used to have a heated argument.The heat was perhaps due to the Kovilpatti climate.(Arghh! Im digressing.)The guys in question were Lal,Kiruba and ArunTux....

The debate would start by one guy claiming tht he is more mature looking than others.(They obviously didnt want their karisakaatu figures to think tht they are just a bunch of Tenth graders.) The Yardstick used to measure this was the amount of hair that grew beneath their noses!!!!!........

And in the Nallatinputhur room which functioned as a startup-cum-hangout-cum-resting place for Udhaya there was a small kid.This small kid usually mistook ArunTux as another slightly older Second Grader...The other two Lal and Kiruba were proud of their mature look tht decieved the small kid and teased the poor soul ArunTux.

Now times have changed and the wheel has come full circle......Ithunala thanda Tsunami varuthu...

Annan TVK
Anonymous wrote on Aug 17, 2005:
Well!!!..there used to be another yardstick..HEIGHT...the same 3 guys wud be there plus ONE more addition..

Meesaiya seeviyabadi
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 17, 2005:
That was a really good comment da... I am rolling with laughter...
Dei Thirupu, please share with us also the story of why you were given then name "paal kudikkum pappa"... :-)

Good comeback. Vayiru valikudhu da!
Dei... there was yet another yardstick. Number of dosais eaten in hostel mess. And we all agree that you were the emperor there...
Jagan wrote on Dec 20, 2005:
kiruba uncle - do u realise tht u hav been called as uncle today (by a kutti kid ) ?