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Textual Attraction

Try this and then read the rest of this blog. My first computer, Apple //c, came with a game called Eamon Adventures. The game had just a text interface but the gameplay was wonderful. I wrote to Tom Zuchowski and he sent me several Eamon Adventures disks and Eamon Adventurer’s Guild newsletter for free! He is a great guy. I was(am?) obsessed with the game. When I got a newsletter in the mail, I used to read it at least 20 times! I was a 11 year old kid then. But after I came to Seattle, I wondered if I still had the same love for the game. It was not very difficult to find the answer. When I came to know that Tom is selling a CD with ALL the Eamon Adventures ever written, I bought it right away and hungrily waited for it to reach me.

In today’s world of PSPs and DirectX9.0c, the game industry appears all set to become bigger than the movie industry. But it is sad that all effort goes into the specialfx and the games themselves are quite shallow.

Text games have a simple pleasure to offer you. Even if you think that I am just a crazy ______ [fill in a filthy word of your choice here], just give this a whirl: This is Zork - All you need to play Zork is a web browser!

Or play Eamon Adventures itself!

And don’t be too lazy to comment on your experiences :-)

maniosai wrote on Aug 11, 2005:
These games are more stimulating than age of empires in making you to imagine the whole scenario in your mind.
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 11, 2005:
Mani, I absolutely agree with you da!