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Top 15 Exciting Things To Do With Linux

This is a post-in-progress. Comment in your suggestions…

Right now the list is in the order in which the points occured to me. When we settle down to the final 15, I’ll sort them in ascending order of excitement.

I have started a discussion in the usenet about this.

F. [thinking…]

E. Get companies to donate old computers to schools, install Linux and “catch ‘em young” [mani]

D. Develop a killer app for mobile devices using embedded Linux, such as Motorola E680i, NEC N900iL, Samsung Qtopia. It’s only a matter of time! [Blood Money]

C. Experience the joy of introducing someone to Linux. [tvk] [me]

B. Explore the source. Seek out the adventures and solve the mysteries. [senthil] [me]

A. ‘World Domination’ [LT] [WS]

  1. Build a cluster and lease it out as rendering machine to film makers. [mani]

  2. Automate your home using even an i386 PC running Linux. Switch home appliances on and off securely from work using Internet. [mani]

  3. Write a really cool code that can go into the next version of the kernel. It should be so good that Linus Torvalds mentions you in his posts.

  4. Roll a distribution with user interface so impressive and innovative that Apple and Microsoft close their business down in shame.

  5. Fortune away your time [senthil]

  6. Install Linux on an iPod. [But you need an iPod for this. So this not a very good idea for everyone]

  7. Install Linux from scratch on an i386 PC.

  8. Create a start-up recruiting college students to develop really sophisticated open-source software for Linux. Sell the software to ISRO/NASA/20th Century Fox/whatever and make millions.

  9. Collect several trashed computers, cluster them together into one super-super-computer and solve a problem confounding scientists for decades. Win a nobel prize.

phoe6 wrote on Aug 18, 2005:
Have fun.

If you like solving puzzles and problems, linux has too many, try to figure them out, solve them and share with friends. they might respect your findings.

Amuse yourself. lots of things are hidden inside linux. get to know them( ddate??!) and add few of your own.

Read fortunes.

Automate tasks like crazy!!
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 19, 2005:
dei... can you say the first two points in more specific terms?

I mean, instead of saying 'figure out the problems in Linux', can you say something like 'find a solution for the ____ issue'

u think that wud be a good idea?

do u mean 'find out the easter eggs in linux'?
maniosai wrote on Aug 19, 2005:
Adding a few more cool things to do with linux...

* Run linux in a i386 and use it for home automation and make a business of it.

* build a cluster and rent it to independent film makers as a graphic rendering machine.

* Give away linux based PCs free of cost to users and provide online services on a rental basis.(Very viable in India)

Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 19, 2005:
dei... i am not sure if i understood your last point completely da. please explain.
Anonymous wrote on Aug 20, 2005:
Kiruba and Mani,

You can also add this.

Install Linux in my home PC and make sure that my sound card doesnt work!!!:-))

maniosai wrote on Aug 21, 2005:
one more idea

* ask corporates to donate hardware to schools and run them on linux thus reversing the "use in school - use when you work" strategy of microsoft
maniosai wrote on Aug 21, 2005:
what i meant by my last idea "giving away pcs for free and selling an online service" its like giving AOL software in cds for free and charging the usage of online services.
maniosai wrote on Aug 21, 2005:
hai tvk,
should i be mentioning that you installed linux inside and left the stupid outside ?
phoe6 wrote on Aug 23, 2005:
TVK: got to do some research and make it work if does not work intially under linux.
These are what the exciting things ( Problems and Bugs) to do with Linux. You get to know stuffs.
yeah, I understand the pain if it does not work. A help of a colleague who has traversed the same path defintely helps.

working with bugzilla is also kindda interesting when using linux.