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Wait Up!

There are some issues with the blog template. The blog looks horrible in Firefox. I am working on getting it fixed… I am totally dissatisfied with templates that I have tried. Looks like I will have to roll my own. Fighting with IE & Firefox has greatly humbled me… I totally understand that there are gaping holes in my knowledge… Right now the whole thing sucks! But I’ve put on my warrior helmet and will straighten this out. I will be extremely happy to know your comments & suggestions.

[From : -- WARNING: Many pix are R-Rated] This is going to be the main logo in this blog:

glider I will be integrating it into the template soon.

Conway's 'Game of Life' has always fascinated me. Thanks for choosing the Glider, Raymond! Great idea!

And the caption of blog is going to be (for now) "lazy dog... check my blog!"

saaral wrote on Aug 02, 2005:
Busy as a bee... u r lost!!! Well... Let me tell u where u r... u r right in my mind ;-)
Anonymous wrote on Aug 02, 2005:
Kinda reminds me of you looking for your cube on your first day.
Anonymous wrote on Aug 03, 2005:
The new look on the site looks good (atleast in IE). The fight between in IE and FireFox and some bloody fellow creates more jobs ( more effort needed to get the site compatible with the both ). What are you complaining about .. as long as you are a job seeker rather than owner ...
Anonymous wrote on Aug 04, 2005:
so ? what is your blog about?
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 05, 2005:
World, this is my sister!

@'anonymous' (it is actually M*RK)
yep...i want my GPS (pouts)

How about a job seeker hoping to become an owner ;)

u mean OTHER THAN something to kill time? :-)) Just kidding... Just like me, my blog hasn't found out its purpose in life yet... and just like me, it is trying hard to find it...

"Anonymous Guys"! Please leave at least a hint about who you are...