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And The Inevitable Monday

It is for this reason that I like long weekends where we get the monday off rather than the friday. It gives you a feeling that you are getting more out of it, although, logically speaking, it is just a ‘three day weekend’ no matter how you look at it.

I am trying out this Zimbabwean coffee. I think it makes blood rush to my face! I am loving it. It is from the Dandoni coffee estate. Shaking sleep away off my face.

“Begin each day as if it were on purpose” (from the movie ‘Hitch’) - I am trying to hold this in my mind :)

What were you guys up to this weekend?

[post in progress… brb…]

Tammie wrote on Sep 26, 2005:
Hitch is a great movie. It made me laugh out loud. And Will Smith? What can I say - he's hot! I had a nice weekend. Went to a movie (Corpse Bride) with my son and his girlfriend on Saturday and on Sunday I started work on a Halloween costume for my daughter. Haven't sewn in a long time and I find that I've missed it. I have several projects waiting in the wings, so maybe I'll get motivated to do them too.
Anonymous wrote on Sep 26, 2005:

The new layout for your blog is visually very pleasing. Of course I read your blog for the commentary which is also great.

BTW - I want "that" recipe from your mother ...or else your Mom and Dad will have to return to the states to help find where I have you held captive. There was Bear Scatt near the secret location where I will tie you up and pour honey all over you until a bear shows up. :-)
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 27, 2005:
Hey Tammie!

I loved 'Hitch' too. Every aspect of it. How was 'Corpse Bride'? Did you like it? It is rated low in the reviews.

What is the costume this time?

I know! Once you get on to it, you gain momentum and you get a lot more done!
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 27, 2005:
Hi Karen!

Thank you!

You will have the recipe soon :-) I'll get it from my mom and post it here.
Tammie wrote on Sep 27, 2005:
I wonder what reviews you are looking at. The ones I saw raved about how great the movie is. It wasn't my kind of movie, but the kids (?) liked it.
The costume is a Midevil (spelling?) peasant. It's coming along well. I was up till 10:30 working on it last night - that's late for me ;)
Tiffany will be at my house this weekend and I hope to have a fitting. I had to shorten just about everything (she is very petite).
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 29, 2005:
Hey Tammie,

I usually see this. Now they seem to have updated it with better review! This review is integrated with Google's Customized home page.

Good luck with the projects.