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Beautiful British Columbia

Having toured Canada before (so far they have used up 6 pages in my passport) I thought I will be showing Vancouver and Victoria to my mom & dad, friends Shanmugam & Mala. But thankfully everything didn’t go as planned. In fact nothing went as planned. We left from home at 8AM instead of the planned 5AM; on an impulse, we went to Semiahmoo for breakfast (two unplanned hours right there); we waited in queue (another great British invention!) for about an hour to enter Canada; to top it off, it rained! So it was not me showing them around - We ALL ended up seeing places never seen before. I love serendipitous vacations. Microsoft ‘Streets & Trips’ has added so much value to all my trips. (Yep, we have to concede that S&T and Excel are really good)

The place we had breakfast, Semiahmoo, could have easily been mistaken for heaven yesterday. Mom’s Idli, Idli podi & Chutney - definitely heavenly :-)

I know…. text-only blogs suck. I’ll write more with photos. Gotto start the sight-seeing of today. See you!

saaral wrote on Sep 04, 2005:
Happy birthday to you anna!! Have a nice day :-) (by the way, see my comment on "'Make:' Up For It") wrote on Sep 04, 2005:
If everything goes as planned, it means you are moving away from being human !!!! :-) ..
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 08, 2005:
Thanks pappa! Since it was a long weekend, it took longer than usual for me to reply.

Yep Mallik! But you still show up on time for every event/party even when all others are late by at least half hour. I guess you try make things go as planned! ;-)