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I don’t mind being a bit higher up in the food chain. I kinda made a vegetarian friend dizzy by saying that I chopped up chicken and cooked it. Probably the process was visualized as me grabbing a hen by throat, biting off its head savagely as the hen violently tried to escape flapping its wings amidst desperate blood curdling cries, and plucking off the feathers with hands, with an evil laughter.

All I did was - I bought boneless skinless chicken breasts (hey! stop grinning pervert!!) - it was neatly packed and could have easily been mistaken for some exotic vegetable or even pudding. Then I sliced it softly and cooked it. Actually it turned out pretty good.

Cooked shrimp and mushrooms yesterday.!

I just remembered this picture taken about two years ago: [Thanksgiving Dinner 2003 - Murali’s apartment]