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Climbing The Corporate Staircase

“They” can conviniently blame the system, not give me the promotion I think I deserve and stop me from climbing up the corporate ladder. But “they” can do nothing to stop me from climbing up the corporate staircase :-)

A comment to my previous post said that my resolution was too unrealistic. So I decided to climb the tower, just for good measure.

I didn’t want to climb up like a maniac. I went to my favorite coffee shop ‘The Ugly Mug’. The barista said with a real heartfelt sorrowful face that they were closed. I thought, well since this is a corporate event, I might as well go with a big corporation, just for the symmetry of the thing :)) I got an extra-hot-no-whip-double-cupped mocha from a nearby Starbucks. The plan was to sip coffee and relish the climb.

[i’ll continue this story later… mostly tomorrow morning before I leave to work…]

In the mean time, here is the clue to the story: I was not keen on doing this fast. Will tell you when I do time myself.

Anonymous wrote on Sep 09, 2005:
Hi Kiruba,

Wish u a Belaaaated Bday.Cmon be a sport and acknowledge my memory power:-)(Somehow I figured out ur Bday falls in first 10 days of September)Forgot to wish Sibu too.

Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 09, 2005:
thanks da! why would you wish sibu? hi s b'day is in april!