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I have given up using elevators (starting today) after reading this:

Top ten stupid unhealthy lifestyle trends: … 6. Using the elevator or excalator when you are not handicapped …
I work on the fifth floor. I thought that this will be a good baby-step towards better shape.

Immediately after the decision came the sathya-sodhanai (test). Lax (a.k.a. Lakshminarayanan) wanted to go to the HR floor in the other (main) building to get his ID card. 17th floor. Even while going near the building, before I could say anything, he said on his own that his legs are aching. When I asked if we can climb 17 floors, he laughed. He thought that I was just joking :-) I didn’t want to look like an extremist/fanatic/freak. So I went up the elevator :-(

Universe has a weird sense of humor.

Anyways, I modified the decision a bit. It now reads “Always stairs except while with others and while going up the Empire State Building”

Anonymous wrote on Sep 08, 2005:
Wud have been worth a walk had it been ur Boss lakshinarayanan..or even some lakshmi ( to some extent)...
Good that u finally realized that it wud'nt have served the purpose...

Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 08, 2005:
Mallik has problems posting comments here. May be the image and word for word-verification are out of sync?

Trying to debug...
Anonymous wrote on Sep 08, 2005:
The reality hit too soon for you. Your resolution was too un-realistic. Frankly, I did go through the same phase and backed off after challenged by 7 floors. Well 7 is not really a big, but there was a message in it. So, rolled back to a lighter one....
The current and standing is to not to use elevator/lift to go one or two floors.
Good one for you to keep up is to take steps at your work[the 5 floors you mentioned]
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 08, 2005:

Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 08, 2005:
I was not intimidated by the number of floors. I definitely would have climbed it - at least to keep up the decision that I made... But I didn't want to drag Lax along or ask him to wait upstairs taking the elevator while I climbed up. I'll do the 17 floors this evening just for good measure :-)