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Little More Than Cosmetic

Do you like the new color scheme and layout of this blog? I want to know what you think of the changes.

Check out my photo in the profile. It is from a couple of weeks ago from the shores of the Pacific.

I have added translation feature. If you want that in your blog too, refer “Translations” in the ‘Links’ section.

What else would you like to see? Copious comments please…

maniosai wrote on Sep 25, 2005:
hai kiruba,
Nice layout but i liked your previous scheme better. What were you looking at when you were jumping? (the leap photo)

Keep in touch da
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 25, 2005:
Dei Mani!
So many people were complaining about the previous scheme da. It kinda inherently looked cluttered...

I wasn't looking at anything in particular when I jumped:-)
Tammie wrote on Sep 26, 2005:
I like the new color! And I have no complaints about the layout either. Very nice :)

What a great picture! Looks like you were having fun. Don't you love the ocean? It's so powerful.