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"Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb"
Phreaky Fotoshop:
I am placing this as a non-clickable link coz I don't know if corporate webfilters will like this site. If it were a link, you might click it and curse me if if the webfilter blocks the site saying it is "Pornography". I am of the opinion now that the corporate webfilters are really a joke. Good sense of humor, programmers. You did a good job of making software engineering a hilarious activity. I cleaned up the litter in the living room. Rest of the apartment is clean already. Surprisingly, my roommate (Shanmugam) and I are still cooking every day. Good food too! I can't believe it myself. Kinda made it a habit. When several of us were together, we did try our best but something or the other kept getting screwed up. Anyways, knock wood! I bought few shares of DELL & QQQQ today (not the game.... real). I think DELL is available for a bargain price now. Still I don't think I'll hold it till its earnings announcement day - Nov 10. I hope QQQQ will do good as the economy is doing good. May be not. Lets see. Any opinion? I haven't completed the score computation for the trial run of the stock market game yet. Real time crunch - not procrastination. I love rain. Even two and a half years in Seattle hasn't changed it. After a really long summer, it started raining today. Yay! Not so happy news for most folks... they look glum and say 'its raining' as a drawn out whine. Poor guys! Nine more months of this for them - most will be suicidal by the end of it I guess. Dang! I have been watching RHAT for a couple of months now. Today it went up 30%! Opportunity loss.
Anonymous wrote on Sep 30, 2005:
hi kiruba,

I guess that last quarter results were not so good which resulted in dip of dell shares..well I too have dell shares under ESPP..last year I sold it for $42.7 . Dont think it wud cross that this year..guess definely wud go up during christmas..what do u think is a good price to sell??

Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 30, 2005:
Dei Kasi,

I am a complete newbie da. I am learning the ropes just now. So I don't know what the right selling price would be. Even if I tell that, you should not listen to me :)

For my personal reasons, I would sell the shares even for a very small profit da. Profit is a profit and there are about 14,000 companies to choose from. So we can just move on.

I hope I don't have to hold it till the holiday season. Also I expect AAPL to rise faster than DELL during the holiday season.

Try not to sell ESPP shares which are less than one year old - as you will be taxed heavily under short term capital gain.
Karen wrote on Sep 30, 2005:

Here is an easy recipe for you:
Coat cut up chicken pieces in pre-mixed taco seasoning and then bake at about 325 until done. If the chicken is skinless you need to coat it in something like yogurt or mayonnaise for moisture before dipping it into the taco seasoning mix....easy and yummy.

Are you focusing on just technology stocks or are you looking at things on NYMEX or some of the other markets? NG has been kicking *ss lately. I would say that if it takes a dip back down around $9.00 I would buy it fast and then watch it rise to over $14 as we go into the winter months. It hit 14.70 midday on wednesday. NG is in the $13 range this morning. I would look at Companies that are drilling in Barnett Shale formations in Texas, New Mexico and Wyoming and see if there is a bargain out there. Example EOG stock went up by over $40 a share in the last year. It is hard to overlook that kind of profit.
karen wrote on Sep 30, 2005:
And of advise is worth exactly what you paid for it.