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I bought ‘Linux Format’, a magazine from the EU. It came with Debian Linux 3.1 (Sarge) DVD. Need to install it in my laptop. The main reason I log into Windows is because I haven’t configured Wi-Fi in Linux yet. Right now I have Suse 9.1. Do you use Linux on a daily basis? Well, I guess all of us would when that gOS comes out.

The stock market game trial run did dig up some interest. Mostly from people who did not participate :-) Several of my friends want to be a part of the next run. I am putting together a document that can be continuously improved over time, with procedures, FAQs etc. I am yet to publish the results of the trial run. It will be done today by all means.

Finished seeing ‘I Love Huckabees’ as if it were a project! Phew! I found it kinda shallow although they have tried to make it look something profound. Did you see it? What did you feel?

phoe6 wrote on Sep 28, 2005:
Sarge is pretty old. Dont know if you would like it.
Fedora Core OSes are good. Enabling wi-fi docs are available in web.

Dont know about Gos.. Linux is for fun, when someone gets used to it.
Tammie wrote on Sep 28, 2005:
I didn't find the movie particularly entertaining :( It strikes a chord with my son - who I believe to be a thinker - so I guess that's something. He absolutely loves the movie. Then again ... he liked "Dude! Where's my car" too LOL
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 29, 2005:
Hi Senthil,

That DVD is double-sided and has Fedora on the other side. I'll try that out.

Okay. I have also bought 'Linux Unwired' [O'Reilly].

How is LFSi coming along?
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 29, 2005:
Hi Tammie,

Then I think he'll like 'Vanilla Sky'. I liked 'Dude! Where's my car' too.