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What could be more boring...

than bloggers blogging about blogging?

Sadly, most of the visitors to this blog are bloggers themselves. So I think its kinda okay for now…

I created a test bed blog to try out new templates, tools and hacks. [don’t bother to go there]

I am trying out this tool w.bloggar. It is an interface between you and your blog, as they put it. It is simple and convinient. But haven’t used it extensively enough to yay-or-nay about it. I would definitely prefer an open source equivalent. I need to research on that.

I am trying to make my blog more interactive. How To Save The World is one of the blogs that I follow and am impressed about. You can see it on the list of blogs on the left side of my blog (I might move it later though). He talks about how interactive blogs will be the successful ones in the future. You must be seeing radical changes to my blog content-wise, interface-wise and interactivity-wise in September. If my plan works out, this blog will be re-born several times over this September.

These are the things I am going to try out: 1. Video blogging 2. Text box that will let you send SMS to my mobile (for free) 3. Integrating Google Talk or some other IM into this? 4. Blogging using a tool - like w.bloggar - but hopefully open source so that I can explore it deeper. This will also help in backing up the blog. 5. Way better layout. I think this can be accomplised only by trial and error. 6. Should I give a link to an MP3 where I speak out the post for today? Pod-cast? You can continue “working” while I ramble on… 7. I need to change the core purpose of my blogging. A fundamental shift… All that I know is, it is not okay now. Suggestions? 8. Integrate as many tools to make it more simple and interactive as I can. I have to reaseach on this. 9. Hopefully, I will take the blog where no blog has gone before… Stop grinning…I meant innovation you sicko! :-)

I am listing here so that YOU will tell me if you think there is something else I could try too. A corny but true speech: “You and I are going to make this blog a phenomenon” :-)

Additions: More encouragement to comment on posts

maniosai wrote on Sep 01, 2005:
hai ,
I think you have crossed the getting things running stage of your blog, now move on to the direction you want to take it. I would pretty much like it the way its going now.
Kirubakaran wrote on Sep 01, 2005:
Thanks da! How are your efforts regarding building an IT innovations team going on?