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Angel Eyes

"If there's one thing I can't stand, it's intolerance."
Speaking of paradoxes and profound truths, I once told my friend "Although you are unpredictable, I always know exactly what you are going to do next". Saturday morning. I don't know whats this with me. I long for the weekend so that I can really sleep in, snugged in the comforter, with no care in the world. Come saturday, I rise real early, make myself a fresh cup of coffee and start browsing, blogging, reading, going on a brisk walk etc etc etc. I am listening to this song 'Angel Eyes' (album:storyteller). It is what they call IndiPop. I am loving it. Especially after listening to it a couple of times. 'Sooner Or Later' (from the same album) is wonderful too. Check it out. Just as I am typing this, a random phrase popped into my head "quality time with your dog"! I think it is vaguely connected with the song I am listening to... but anyways... No offense, but I find myself trusting the people who like dogs and who the dogs like, more - specifically more than the cat guys. I find cats judgemental. What do you think? Dogs just adore me. Even strange dogs become friends with me real fast. Cats give me a nasty look.
Anonymous wrote on Oct 03, 2005:
Hey Kiruba,

How about the Nallatinputhur dogs that come sniffing ur back all the time while producing a wonderfully melodious growl...grrrr..

Anonymous wrote on Oct 04, 2005:
Swear that you stand to your statement " Even strange dogs become friends with me real fast." with the street dogs in India. They are not as funny as the dogs you see here, which are trained by prefessionals for obedience. Also it is far better to please you rather than paying you & your lawer a hefty sum of Doggars :-)
3K(p) wrote on Oct 06, 2005:
The truth about cats and dogs
Ever noticed while driving how cats always managed to cross the path of a speeding car no matter how far across the road they've mangaed to get? And how dogs always managed to turn and run back to the original side of the road no matter how far they've managed to get? If you ask me cats display marvellous optimistic qualities besides the fact of the whole nine lives scenario. And dogs display a whole pessimistic quality. Cows take after the cats in crossing the road. Whereas the chickens aren't bothered with who or what, pessimism or optimism there just worried about WHY!

I found the above on a blog site and thought it should belong here. . . . .

cats are marvelous creatures, they are cute cuddly and loveable too. I dont think dogs have ever been given any kind of importance even in olden times. Take ancient Egypt for instance. . they revered cats. And fyi they are NOT judgemental. YOU are being judgemental about them! They have their own personalities.
Kirubakaran wrote on Oct 06, 2005:
TVK & Anonymous... I will reply to you guys soon. I was down with fever.

3K(p), do you know that dogs are better than girlfriends too?

Two top points:
1. The later you are, the more excited dogs are to see you.

2. You never have to wait for a dog. They're ready to go 24-hours a day.
3K(p) wrote on Oct 07, 2005:
Can a dog be a movie sweetheart? An english Valet? A hotel Chef? An attentive audience? A trained nurse?