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Digging Deeper Into My iPod

I will be updating this same post as I explore my iPod more and more. Let us see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Purpose: I thought I’ll take notes here, which could hopefully help other people.

Goal: I want to be able to see video on my non-video iPod. Easier option is to buy the new one. But I don’t want to dish out that much money, and that too so soon. I’ll wait and make my next purchase when Apple comes out with that super-unified device with 1 tera byte storage, built-in 10 megapixel camera, mic, gps, cell-phone, document viewer, wi-fi, laser stun-gun, brain-wave tweaker, satellite receiver etc.

Backup: I backed up the documents, ISO images and other stuff in my iPod. I don’t have to worry about the songs as they are all in the harddisk too.

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