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Everything On A Map

"If you done it, it ain't braggin"
I was reading this insteresting article about Gene Hughes, the guy who created a whole new hobby when his wife did the thing that wives do. I remembered Wozniak saying in some article long time ago about how he is working on a project that will put little moving cop car icons on your GPS screen by scanning the radiowaves transmitted by them. Google it yourself. You must have read of all the interesting applications Google Maps are put to, like Housing Maps, FoundCity, Traffic, Finding Cheap Gas etc. I am thinking of some new applications like that. I will share them with you after they take complete shape.
Anonymous wrote on Oct 12, 2005:
It would be nice if the google maps can also show nearest racquetball courts.

BTW, how was your "match" on Oct 02?
Kirubakaran wrote on Oct 14, 2005:
Yup :)

That 'match' didn't happen yet as Thom hurt his toe.
Kirubakaran wrote on Oct 17, 2005:
Hey Anonymous... Tell me who you are... Or at least get a cool nic and just let me know who you are...
Anonymous wrote on Dec 13, 2009:
yeah... attractive text :)