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From 50 Countries, With Love

This blog has been viewed from 50 countries (listed in the descending order of number of unique hits)

United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Denmark, Malaysia, Mexico, Ireland, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Estonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Japan, Austria, Romania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Switzerland, Korea, Republic of, Indonesia, Norway, Chile, Kuwait, Mauritius, Egypt, Unknown, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Iceland, Pakistan, Lithuania, Greece

Other Stats: Posts So Far : 88 (incl. this one) Unique Visitors : a measly 2806 :-( More than 1000 visitors in October itself :-)) Continent-wise Breakup:

North America - 64.56% Asia - 25.98% Europe - 8.10% Oceana - 0.82% South America - 0.36% Africa - 0.14% Unknown - 0.04%
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