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Google Base

I managed to take screen shots of whatever was accessible in Google Base. The site was taken down less 5 minutes after I got the shots. A happy lunch break!

Some see Google Base as a threat to Ebay. EBay shares haven’t fallen yet.

Shot#1: Home Page. Click on the image and zoom in to see what they are planning to offer.

Shot#2: Predefined categories in Google Base. Shot #3: Some more… Shot #4: Google Base asked me to sign in. Shot #5: Google Base didn’t understand what FAQ meant. I was shown this error when I clicked on the link that said FAQ. The suspense is almost unbearable. I hope they will roll this product out soon. Google’s aggressive thirst and hunger are highly inspiring and amazing.

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maniosai wrote on Oct 27, 2005:
With google base , google is going to be one giant conglomerate of online services. Things like emails of your shopping list for and entire life time as a single conversation in gmail and every one having very well formated data on themselves and their habits is in the near future. Hope everyone start encrypting there gmails.