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In The Middle Of Nowhere

I try to disappear off the face of the earth occasionally. I did that when I went to Mt.St.Helens when she was venting. Once I drove to Oregon coast by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a misanthrope. But it feels good to get unplugged once in a while, you know. Sometimes you need to unplug more than just going from ethernet to wi-fi. Shan, Karen, Sam & I went to Karen&Sam’s cabin this weekend. They have built the cabin all by themselves. Amazing piece of work.

I helped build the deck, planted three trees, played mini-golf with Shan (tie), went to historical museum in Winthrope, took a nap by a lake in the sun, learnt to use circular power-saw, nail-gun & power-drill. Many virgin stuff for me this time: mini-golf, bagel (yup, never have eaten that before), power tools, seeing the milky way & aurora borealis and blogging on the interstate.

Meet Whoppity: The funny thing is, I’ve been to Winthrop before about a year or so ago when we were driving to Lake Chelan. Shan & I went to the town of Winthrop this saturday and when he pulled into the parking lot of a cafe, I saw the business board & went “Man! I’ve been here before. Really! I’m sure!!” etc etc. Then I told him about the seats in an ice-cream shop there that look like saddles, to prove it.

The previous visit to Winthrop was with a big group and with guys saying “okay its late… lets go go go” after 15 minutes of setting foot there. This time we did justice to the town. It is frozen in time. Cowboy country. It is beautiful.

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Karen wrote on Oct 10, 2005:
Many thanks to Shan and Kirubakaran for the hard work on the deck and planting 2 cherry trees and an apple tree. We had a nice time driving, working and playing in the Methow Valley. The days were sunny and warm and the nights were cold outside and perfect for viewing the stars through the telescope. We had solitude and small taste of the aurora borialis, what more could you want!