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Just Curious (Just Curious...)...

I was googling on the title of this blog and visited this site of the same title. This guy has a really funny post “Saving Casey”.

Here is a quote for it:

Casey (the cat) had been there for 3 whole days. They had called everywhere, including the fire department (who informed them that they only save kittens from trees on television).
My comment on his blog:
I have a blog of same name. I was googling to see my rank and I got here :)

Very funny post. I wrote sometime ago about dog vs cat - in favor of dogs. Cat-loving friends of mine just gunned me down. I posted a pic of a cat to appease them.

Anyways the pic of the cat I posted in my blog was cute and adorable - and I am not saying this just to please my catophilic-friends :))

When my mom & dad were visiting me here in Seattle, they used to play with my colleague Sukumar’s kid son. They were telling me how a cat which lives somewhere in the apartment -complex entertained the kid wonderfully when they took him (the kid) for a walk. They said that the cat followed them and voluntarily did lots of tricks to amuse the kid.

But I wonder why cats climb up a tree and refuse to come down for a couple of days. Who knows! They chase their tails too…

saaral wrote on Oct 19, 2005:
I read this joke in RD...
"Cats are very good judges of the human character, and all nations get the cats they deserve." - Nirad C. Chaudhuri, A Passage to England

i find it to be very true :-)

I remember, once when we were in Chennai (annanagar) i was playing with a kitten... it was patting my palm softly with its leg. when u stretched your hand, it scratched u, bringing out its sharp nails :-)
3K(p) wrote on Oct 19, 2005:
The reason why cats are 'forced' to climb trees and 'refuse' to get down is coz they are chased and terrorized by sadistic dogs. As for chasing their tails, not all cats find it dignified or necessary to chase them.
Kirubakaran wrote on Oct 19, 2005:
i vividly remember that incident :-)

heyyy! cats climb up the trees on their own!! you can refer to the movie 'lady killers' starring Tom Hanks.
Anonymous wrote on Oct 19, 2005:
Nice one.
But, it may me to recall some of the affair of cats in my house with my neighbourhood house and in hostel.

Cud u hear my cat sound ???
:) :) :)

It is really fun when i thought
about vikram chasing for Cat in
hostel.... hahahahaha !!!

Is vikram still chasing that
cat .... hahahaha !!

Anonymous wrote on Oct 19, 2005:
I know the reason, y cats dont come donwn frm tree tops.

Cats climb trees.
Ex: Little stuart.

Cats save world.
Ex: Men in Black.

Cats r afraid of man and thatz y they dont come down frm trees
Ex: Animal Movie
& our frnd vikram .... hahaha!!

Vikram .... may make them to run for life... hahahah !!

Poor cats !!
(Dear God, Vikram shud not see my posting !! )

Jamie Arpin-Ricci wrote on Oct 19, 2005:
Thanks for the shout out!
Kirubakaran wrote on Oct 19, 2005:

dei... don't worry - i just emailed vikram about your post. also i'll write in detail about that incident about you, cat & vikram :-)

mail me da - where are u now?
Kirubakaran wrote on Oct 19, 2005:
thanks for dropping by!
Anonymous wrote on Oct 20, 2005:
u maild Vikram ! he gonna kill me.
hahahaha ! It has been long since i talkd to him.

I maild to ur kulalosai yahoo id.
Chk it. I thnk, u didnt chck it
properly da.

Im in the same Samsung in Noida.
my id is tkbalaguru - yahoo , co , in .
sams id karthik.bala - samsung , com.

Give ur daily mail id da & mail
me . Lets tlk in mail .

3K(p) wrote on Oct 20, 2005:
I thought this post was about cats and dogs?
Vikram wrote on Oct 20, 2005:
Iam wondering, if palaguru has born in such a way(e.g.Animal Movie), his behaviour and awareness is all about cats.