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Poor Pigs

I am not a ‘Sexist Pig’ or a ‘Male Chauvinistic Pig’. I am just having this derivation here just for the simple beauty in it - so that it will have a permanent place here. Most of you must have received it as a forward long long time ago. Didn’t you smile then? :-)

By the way, why do girls berate pigs? I don’t get it. It is as if pigs personally offended them! You wise guys will wanna comment that I am lobbying for the pigs coz I am one - or other ‘jokes’ of that pathetic poor joke genre, right? Well, what do you really think? Pigs did something bad? Or did some scientist win Nobel prize for research on pigs in which she proved that pigs don’t treat their girl-friends with respect?

Alien wrote on Oct 29, 2005:
That was quite an equation! Good job.
3K(p) wrote on Oct 30, 2005:
So girls are evil huh?
And what are guys?
What have guys got against girls anyway? Don’t they think that they are a necessary evil?
Girls got nothing against pigs, and this girl certainly recognizes the natural superiority of men. So you guys out there please take a deep breath and relax. .. inhale and exhale.... there u are.....
Women should remember they’re merely ribs, not roosters.
Men should rule the roost.
The natural superiority of men is easily recognized by every woman who has spent the best years of her life chasing, snaring, trapping and guarding one of these prize specimens of humanity. She can see it in a 1000 ways.. ( and if she can't he’ll cheerfully point them out).
Men are tougher they can overcome incredible weariness to play golf or go fishing or install a new carburetor.
Men are braver. They do not wince when their women empty mouse traps and spray against cock-roaches. They do not fear loosing an ear to a fish hook, getting shot while they are out rabbit hunting or getting hit on a head by a golf ball.
Men are more frugal. They save money by wearing the same hat for 10 years.
Men are more objective. The can see your faults better than you can.
Men are more careful of their health. They don’t risk respiratory diseases by cleaning out dusty places or court colds by washing cement floors in damp basements. When they have a cold they go to bed, and never risk a chill by getting up for meals. And when they are in hospital they don’t risk unattended death but try to see that a nurse is always nearby.
Men are more ingenious. They think of dozens of reasons why the carpets should not be vacuumed, why washing the car hurts the finish and how the law is improved by not mowing it.
Men are more honest. When asked to give their honest opinion about a new dress they give it. The also generously give it when not asked.
Men have sharper sense. They can spot a trim ankle at 100 yds.
Men are cleverer. They know how to delegate authority. They let women decide what should be on the grocer’s list, how the meals should be cooked, how the house should be cleaned, how the children should be discipline - and then let them do it!
Kirubakaran wrote on Oct 30, 2005:
3K(p), wow!