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Tools & Code Snippets

Most of yesterday evening was spent on searching for new tools and hacks that I can use on my blog. Specifically, I want the Calendar tool that makes the archives more accessible to the visitors and I want the tool that lets the visitors rate each post by clicking on the stars (like Netflix). I am not satisfied with anything.

Senthil mentioned the Google Reader. It is wonderful. You can use it to follow all the websites and blogs that you are interested in and she will serve you just the fresh content. Yeah, I’ll lose all the pennies of AdSense but you have to work with technology to make money, never against it. It is a good idea to check Google Labs every day.

I am listening to many podcasts. They are all just great. Invaluable. If you haven’t done it already, go to ITConversations and listen to Steve Wozniak first. The file is in mp3 format. So you can listen to it using your computer/ipod/whatever.

Anonymous wrote on Oct 12, 2005:
Hi Kiruba,

There's whole bunch of RSS readers and Google Reader is just one of them.

Some of the RSS readers which you can go thru are --

Anonymous wrote on Oct 20, 2005:
Iam wondering, if palaguru has born in such a way(e.g.Animal Movie), his behaviour and awareness is all about cats.