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Video iPod

I went for the 60GB Photo iPod few months ago and I was so happy to own it. Now there is this video iPod. Damn.

I looked around a bit and found that I can make MY non-video (or so says Apple) play video. Look at this.

I will let you know as soon as I get this done. The screen size is less on mine but thats okay - What can be more satisfying than doing this?

Tammie wrote on Oct 14, 2005:
I can totally relate! Right after (like a week) I broke down and bought myself a shuffle they introduced the nano. I can't believe how quickly the new products are coming out of Apple (the nano is only a month or so old). And yet the stock took a dive! What's that about?
Anyway, good luck making yours a video iPod. Do you use the photo features?
kabala wrote on Oct 14, 2005:
It happens these days.....
I too felt the same when i bought
a 5.0 megapixel cam and found that
today 9.0 Megapixel is coming in the cost near to it with extra zoom

yesterday they showd in our tamil television regarding the iPod video.

maybe, if we think 'damn' today, then we cannot buy anything today
:) :)

Tomorrow, ipod may come up with a camera along with video recording at the cost of the normal ipod player today..... :) :)

We cant blame our desire to hav the cutest thing nor the fast growing technology !!

Everything is temporary in this temporary world :)
kabala wrote on Oct 14, 2005:
All the best for viewing video in the Non-video iPod da !
phoe6 wrote on Oct 14, 2005:
converting your non-video ipod to video pod would be fun as well. trying it?
Kirubakaran wrote on Oct 17, 2005:
Thank you. Yes I do use the photo features - but not much. I don't know if the iPod battery is dying on me or I am just becoming a bit paranoid. Need to find out...

Dei Balaguru! Thanks for dropping by! What a pleasant surprise!!! Thanks for the good wishes da. eMail me, ok?
gizmo wrote on Oct 24, 2005:
good luck with the blog kid.
small video players aren't as exciting or as useful after a few days of owning them. battery life becomes very important, as is the basis for your paranoia. glad i got the iaudio x5 for that reason.