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[I have a special request for you guys’n’gals - this being the 100th post and all! Please leave your pug mark in the comment section. No need of a “comment” comment if you don’t have one - just sign, may be…] Just now I enjoyed the movie ‘Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’. Wonderful and funny. You must see it for sure. I saw ‘Chicken Little’ last weekend. You must see that too! It must be obvious to you by now that I don’t stifle the child in me at all. I guess thats your gripe already, isn’t it? :-)

Oooh! Google Analytics!! This blog now sports it, of course. Our adorable Robin Hoods. May their tribe increase / proliferate / mutiply / be-cloned!!

I have my eye on the shares of iRobot - the company that makes vacuuming-bots, bomb-disposing-bots etc. Are your eyes hungry too?

Listen to this, yo! Movie: ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal‘ Song : ‘Pushing It Hard’ Loving it!

From the Cougar Mt trek that I was talking about: And yes - Blogging at full force from now! Thanks everyone. The pug mark! Don’t forget to leave one.

Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Can we get 100 comments for this one?

I guess, if you help... :-)
Prasanna wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
I add one alongwith kirubakaran.
saaral wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
com com
comment comment
com comm comm com
comment comment
comm co comm
comment comment
comment comment comm
comment comment comment
comment comment comment co
comment comment comment
comment comment comm
comment comment

Here is a comment as pug mark...

Great job anna... keep ur blog as active as u r. :-)
saaral wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
oops... my pug mark got distorted :-(
Cipher wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Cipher wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
previous comment is word verification ;-)
Meenakshi wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Comments = comments_so_far PLUS 1
Jagan wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
va da va ...full enthu va ..
btw , congrats ...etho telegu padam 100 days patha mathiri oru peelings da ;-) ..nenu okka sari chepte ontha salli chepnatu (my limited telegu knowledge ba ) .
Senthil B wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Doing a great job dude..

Oru maadu meeikara payyaukku ivlo arivaannu yellarukkum onna paathu poramai..
Tammie wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Tammie was here, and I saw, and I think it's great that you are back at it! Thanks for the entertainment :)
Bill Gates wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
I enjoy your Blog but think it would be much better without references to Google and Linux.
Kavya wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Hey very nice pictures of the cow..between einstien recommend panrathu ellam koncham over :)

Anyways Congrats
Karen wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Pug mark...Hmmm!

As usual, u r fascinating!
gopdha wrote on Nov 17, 2005:

What’s this? Technorati's Top 100 Blogs list is based on links from blogs, to blogs, in the last six months. If your blog is listed here, claim it so you can add your name and photo to your listing!

Mach. Wish you one day you in the above list...
Steve Jobs wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
I love the Blog, keep the cow pictures coming. You’ve inspired me to design an Ipod with cow spots – maybe I’ll call it the MooPod. I crack myself up.
I’ll check back at 200.
lakshminarayanan wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
i don't know how to start.hmmm...wait......i am thinking.................ya got it..

de dogu
nalla irruku unnoda blogu

Good work.Keep it up.
Narayanan Venkitu wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Enjoyed the alterations/digital effects on the Cow and Einsteen and the board. Looks very natural
Chicken Little - I missed it. My kids and wife saw it a few days back. I am thinking of watching HARRY POTTER tomorrow
Google Analytics - I like it..but not in love.!! STATSCOUNTER is ok for me I guess.!!
iRobot - There was an article in Business week...but didn't recommend it. But who knows ..Did you research it??
I'll listen to the song and let you know..thank you.
You look good in that picture.!
Thanks for Sharing it with us

And as always 'Keep Blogging' Keep up the Good work.!!!
Anonymous wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Kiru, That's Cool!

Eric wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Congratulations on your 100th posting, Kirubakaran!
mallikreddy wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Cool.. 100 ? Nice going so far.

Regarding this 100th post, the pictures are nice and wish there is glimple of Cougar Mt too..
divya wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
congrats on ur 100th post. I still think it was way too over to put up the mischief at Chinmayi's blog.
ada-paavi!!!! wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
hey congrats on the 100 posts

the songs i dont like it, kevalama irukku, tamil cinema la hip hopa??

trek pics loos super da
Anonymous wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Just went through your Live Journal.Seems like u have made resolutions like Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver".I hope like him u save some Damsels in Distress.

But by the way the last two posts were going I think you are the one who is causing all the distress for Damsels.:-))

What do you mean by Raquet ball??? Having a ball by creating such rackets??;-)

En thala,Adi konjam Overrro??!!
Kiruba: Ethiriya namma 100 adi adikirapo oru adi thavari namma mela vilathan seyum.Sandaila kiliyatha satta enga iruku?

Sari alugaya nippatu....Siri....eeee...Ipo epdi iruku mogara!!!
Po poiye "Periyamayi" perula "Chinmayi" blog ku poi un ishtam pola eluthu....unna thaduka aaley illa...

With Good ol NEC spirits and a little Vodka Spirit ;-)

viji wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
hey...congrats on ur 100th post! Einstien's instructions obeyed :)
Keep up the high spirits :))
Jo wrote on Nov 17, 2005:
Yo! Congrats on the 100th post. I liked the Einsteen graphics. LOL! So how was the trekking? Let us know more about that.
maniosai wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Congrats on Reaching the hundred da. Great to see so much comments too. Now its time to see the blog that generates 100 comments per post.

A little thought at this juncture

Top 10 Creative Rules of Thumb:
1. The best way to get great ideas is to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away.
2. Create ideas that are 15 minutes ahead of their time...not light years ahead.
3. Always look for a second right answer.
4. If at first you don't succeed, take a break.
5. Write down your ideas before you forget them.
6. If everyone says you are wrong, you're one step ahead. If everyone laughs at you, you're two steps ahead.
7. The answer to your problem "pre-exists." You need to ask the right question to reveal the answer.
8. When you ask a dumb question, you get a smart answer.
9. Never solve a problem from its original perspective.
10. Visualize your problem as solved before solving it.
Anonymous wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
GREEEEEEEEAT DUDE.....get going....

saaral wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
...............commen comme............

I don't give up that easily u know... here is my pug mark...
Anonymous wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
~ P * U * G ~ M * A * R * K ~~!
Here is ur 28+100+ th comment.
So, now u hav ur desired 100+ comments landmark. U know it ~! Anyhow, i will let the cat out.
'Thala Balaguru oru thadava comment sonna 100 comments sonna madhiri'. hahahaahah !!! :) :)

1,2,3,4,........99,100 adaey yappaa. Really a great thing .
Congrats for that 10000th blog da.
Advancd Wishes for ur blogging a 100th bday too.

10000th ?
' Nee oru thadava blog pennina 100 thadava blogs penna madhiri irukku ' nu namma makkal ellam solluraanga. :)

Dont forget the treat for this start of journey ahead machi ~~!!

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy !! All the Best da ! :) :)
Sam Brindley wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Happy don't look that old.........but my eyes are not so good!
Anonymous wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Congratulations on your 100, Kiruba. I read your blog while on short breaks at work! Very interesting and full of energy! Great going!

Good Luck
Anonymous wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
amazing work kirupa, keep guessing this anonymous!
Thom wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
K-man, Good Job! here just for you!
kirubakaran wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
good work. :)
Thom wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
thanks guys!! keep it coming!!! we just have 65 more to go. i will reply to each of you soon.

anonymous : you must be sudha.
Kiruba Shankar wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Congratulation on hitting a blogging century! And its good to see the fire in you to do more. The trick in blogging is the sustenance and consistency and you have proved you have that. Keep up the good work.
Shanmugam wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Here's mine dude. Keep up the good work.

- Shanmugam.
rsm2296 wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
I'm here! (from J-WB)
DaniGirl wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Congratulations from Canada on your 100th post!
Karthik wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Its very interesting to read the comments rather than your 100th post.

Congrats and waitng for your 250th post.


1.Karakattakaran...250 days...
(starring : Ramarajan, kannaka)
2. Chandramuki...200 days
X.Kirubakarns 100th blog
Anonymous wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
My contribution
kevboy wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Congrats, kirubakaran! Hope you get more than 43...
Anonymous wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
Wishing you well!
Anonymous wrote on Nov 18, 2005:
orsome man..........keep moving...

Is there any gifts for 100th pug mark?
Anonymous wrote on Nov 21, 2005:
Appreciate your efforts in putting things together.

Wishing for more Fun Stuff in your way.

Anonymous wrote on Nov 21, 2005:
Great work,good going...Congrats and Keep up the good work!!
Anonymous wrote on Nov 21, 2005:
Go On Be a Tiger
-By Kannan (Accenture)
Anonymous wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
Hey Kiruba,

How r u? Long time no c ...
great work here.

Can u guess who I am ? !!!
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
Are you my preschool-mate Prem?
If not, give me some clue.
TamilPonnu wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
Yuvan did a great job in Kanda Naal Mudhal.. Doesn't he sound like ARR..hmm..

K, congrats on ur 100th.. Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
C'mon its me !

- anonymous(8:22)
Padmaja wrote on Nov 24, 2005:
Congrats on your 100 posts.. quite interesting .... very active blog...
Helena wrote on Nov 30, 2005:
Hi...curious too
Anonymous wrote on Dec 02, 2005:

I appreciate you dedication that you show towards your blog. Nice job!!


PS:It would be nice if you show the same amount of dedication towards racquetball and win couple games instead of getting a whipping from me.
Sreejith Kumar wrote on Dec 03, 2005:
A nice way to increase the number of coments is to remove the word verification! You will get a lot of spams :-)
3K(p) wrote on Dec 08, 2005:
What’s the connection between Einstein and a Cow?
Please someone tell me if you know now
All I know is that cows are not so bright
Maybe there is a deeper philosophy behind that sight?
Oh yeah, all great men of yesterday
Were shepherds who herded cattle they say.

But why Einstein and the cow are in this blog
Is still a mystery that’s causing a fog
But what the hell I’m no authority
To analyze things beyond my capacity

All I know is that its time to celebrate
A 100th blog is really great
To most others it’s just another day
But for Kirubakaran it’s like the feather clouds of a blue day

It’s a day for celebrations in hi fi
Coz indeed he is a fine guy
Look at it whichever way...
The essence lies not in the "day"
But in the hard work that has just gone to make it to this day.

With a vision to succeed with a vision to achieve
As you would make all of us believe
With grand ideas and a passion to grow
This blog’s now ready for much much more.
So whatever in life you might have to go through,

Take care not to lose the "CHILD IN YOU"
So let Einstein and the cow remain together
Be assured I will bug you to keep going further
Anonymous wrote on Dec 21, 2005:
Hey!! Great going ... Hoping..very soon i wud even comment your 1000th post...
Karen wrote on Dec 31, 2005:
Are we there yet? Happy New Year! Do we need to start a new count?
Anonymous wrote on Feb 02, 2006:
Totally great Kir!! I will look at your blog often!