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Better Than _______

Whats more fun than BJ [thats BLACK JACK, ok? lower your eyebrows], Chess, Risk game and NFS put together?

I would say, playing the stock market. [its no match for Racquetball though]

Vikam and I did our first trade investing Rs.50 (=$1.16 - it was a big risk for us then and it was a big deal… seriously) per head when we were in the 4th sem of college. We made Rs.8 (=$0.19) out of it :)

Speaking of college… the website just sucks big time! Still!! Marquees and scrolling texts and some childish GIFs!!! Hopefully someone will get angry enough to scold me and fix it.

Back to the point. You should give it a shot! Really!! Check this babe out! Is that a beauty or what? Well, this is a beauty too: But you are missing my point!

It is like a chess game with million pieces, a great puzzle etc. You try to understand its ebbs and flows by reading what the masters have to say on it, by watching it, by trying to fit the pieces together. It is really adventurous. You must try!

Check the same place here tomorrow and I will have a stock market simulator game ready for you.

Until then, just enjoy this classic (‘Oh Ho Enthan Baby’)

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