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As my friend Lakshmi aptly said, consistency is the secret to achieving anything. I feel happy that I got my iPod to run video. The only thing that was stopping me from doing it so far was me not sitting down and actually doing it. To be fair to myself, I can say that there are so many things happening and several unexpected time-guzzlers pop up all the time, the latest one being visits to the Chiropractor. There is nothing wrong - just preventive maintenance :-) I see a lot of difference too. Also the doctor did a good job of explaining things to me with x-rays, what is being done, how things can be prevented/improved (since I have a “desk-job” and everything) etc. Anyways, it is a time-guzzler all the same.

It is not sufficient to be inspired one day and get a lot done. Consistency in getting things done will make a huge difference.

I was playing national level chess once but that amounted to nothing due to the lack of consistency. Short attention span. Got bored as everyone was talking chess chess chess to me all the time. It didn’t stop there. Didn’t learn from that mistake. Several things tried and left while half way through - just because of lack of consistency.

Life should be attacked with the ferocity and tenacity of Genghis Khan - minus the blood thirst. Lets see what happens as I apply this :-)

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Petchi wrote on Nov 30, 2005:
really fantatistic ... thats true consistency amounts to soar greater heights...