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The Coveted Title

I was called a “hacker” multiple times today.

Just for the newbies, I would like to mention that “cracker” is a derogatory term and “hacker” is a much sought after title.

I really have to appreciate Chinmayi’s great attitude. Check her blog out: Chinmayi's Blog (yup, the wonderful singer)

Or more specifically: [Update : My friends tell me that these links don’t work. Looks like they decided to delete those posts. (I had resolved not to go back there after that - so I don’t know)] Chinmayi’s Post #1 Chinmayi’s Post #2

Check this out too - :-)

I will blog on this tomorrow. Remember my resolve to sleep at least 6 hrs? - given what I went thru for chronic sleeplessness? I am going to do just that now :) Lights out. (Late night hacking comes at a price but it is not worth it - ask me for a description of what I went thru, if u r not convinced…)

It started with this: Saturday, November 05, 2005 How irritating can this get, I type in a pretty nice post and I say republish blog and then my post goes.. No patience to type it all over again.. bleaargh…. Not really liking you blogger…

Jagan wrote on Nov 11, 2005:
yup...chinmayi seems to have good attitude ..and I also believe that Narayan Venkitu's reaction was also understandable ..come on ..u really caught people by surprise :-) and what else do u expect ? neways ..nice trick :-)
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 11, 2005:
:-)) thanks machi! yeah i understand his reaction. he asked me to clean his toilet etc... now i think he may feel bad. but i don't know!

i appreciate ur experiments with life - trying out different things. all the best!
Narayanan Venkitu wrote on Nov 11, 2005:

I am sorry I went a little too far when I wrote those dirty lines.

No offenses..I am glad things are sorted out...It was a reflex action from me.

My apologies. I hope you'll accept it.
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 11, 2005:
Hi Mr.Narayanan, I totally understand. Please don't worry about it. We all had fun, didn't we? :-)