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Gone For A Whole Week

Several things: Lots of work. One day of severe bad health (I guess, due to chronic sleep deprivation). Never felt this horrible. Planning to sleep well in the future. One day of complete rest. Got engrossed with Dan Brown’s ‘Deception Point’. Bunch of movies. Seattle Auto Show. Hiking in Cougar Mountains.

And I am back!

Blog Related Pending Tasks: 1. I bought - I am yet to map it to this blog. 2. I am yet to try out LiveJournal - open source blog, lots of features. One thing I don’t like about it is that you have to pay for some advanced features. May be I’ll move one of the peripheral blogs to LiveJournal. 3. I need to create a new Stock Market game with new rules. The previous one was an utter failure. 4. I have to get the blog to a wider audience. 5. Blog on hike in Cougar Mt & Seattle Auto Show. 6. Make the blog customizable (?)

phoe6 wrote on Nov 10, 2005:
One thing I like about livejournal is comment notification. Iike, I comment on your blog. you reply or someone else replies to my comment. I get the notification.
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 10, 2005:
i guess blogger will have it pretty soon. they added word-verification for comments. then they added comment moderation. i guess comment notification would be the next logical step.

is there anything else cool about lj?
Senthil wrote on Nov 10, 2005:
I have suggested this to blogger folks a long time ago itself:
Nothings coming up. They have extensions, but dunno if this could be implemented using extension.

The most interesting thing abt lj is the community. check his blog. then bram cohen of bittorrent.

they were using this before pyra labs blogger originated. friends group, archive in the form of calender, tools for lj. etc.. but community stands tall above anything else.
like slashdot, you can say.