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Look! A Tiger!

Tiger Laks bought an Apple 12” iBook today. Loved exploring it. Especially loved interacting with it in the command line mode (can you believe that?). Simply awesome. The OS Tiger on it is so neat. But I was surprised (& happy) to note that it came pre-installed with Perl! Changed my perception a little bit about the hack-appeal of macs.

Spaghetti I had dinner at ‘The Old Spaghetti Factory’. Food was tasty. If wanna eat a lot, thats the place to go. I couldn’t even touch the cheese cake they served. It sure did look delicious but I ran the risk of not being able to walk out of the restaurant. For those of you who are getting concerned by now, let me tell a good news - the cheese cake was not wasted… I packed it for later consumption.

Blog of The Google Guys Here it is Enjoyable parody

sNOw So far no snow :-( But the weather forecast still says “Snow on Thursday”. Even few manager-looking people in the elevator were saying that they were hoping for a snow-induced-holiday. Chant to the weather god plz.