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Plan For The Long Weekend

Update: Didn’t go with the other guys. At home now :-(

Seven of us are planning to go on a road trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. It would be a 10hr drive from Seattle - each way. NW corner of Montana state - near the Canadian border.

We have booked a cabin there. The plan is to chill out in the hot tub (irony?), ski, enjoy the glacier, relax for all four days, probably read by the fireplace or watch movie in the evening when it is snowing all around :)

I should probably blog the Sinbad tales of my numerous trips. At one point we were going on road trips every weekend. One of my ‘ambitions’ is to cover all 48 contiguous states in the US in one big road trip. I tend to brag about how I drove from Seattle to SFO crossing three states without changing the driver - please excuse my immodesty :-)

My friend Senthil(prabhu) tells me that he hates posts that don’t have pix. So, here is a relevant one:

Quartz Lake
This link will lead you to webcams in our destination. May be I’ll wave at you from one of those!

Cipher wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
Hey Kiruba, i was abt to mail u to get some ideas on places to visit nearby.It was a surprise to see u post on the same.

Is there any places nearby that i can travel for a day or two around seattle.I have been to snoqualmie and few places.
If you have any info/idea abt olympic national park,sanjuan island or soemother places,could u pls post it.Or else give me ur mail id i'll mail..not able to find in blogger profile
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
Olympic National park is good - especially if you can go around it and stay at the town called 'Ocean Shores' right by the ocean. It will be heavenly - and I mean it. There must be lots of snow in the mountains. It will be gorgeous. (2 days and 1 night - 1 day in the nat.park, 1 night in 'ocean shores' and 1 day in the pacific coast)

If you go to Mt.St.Helens or Mt.Rainier, you can enjoy snow fall. You can book a cabin near the mountains and spend the night there. It will be a great experience.

You can spend half a day in Leavenworth. I love that place. Really beautiful. Try to go there in the morning, and spend a relaxed day there... you might be able to ski nearby. Stay there till the lights come on in the night.

My first trip after I got my drivers license was on Highway 101. It is aptly called the scenic drive. You may want to do that. You can start early in the morning and drive down 101 south on the pacific coast. try to be in a beach for the sunset. then u can come back on I-5, probably after having a look at Portland too (tax free shopping there)

Just ping me if you need any more info... I am leaving to Glacier National Park only early tomorrow.

San Juan is gr8 too. Better wud be to kayak all the way from anacortes to san juan. thats my plan for next summer :)
Cipher wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
Thanks for the detailed info Kiruba.I have to been Leavenworth.I has portland in mind,thanks for the scenic route.I'll either pick portland or olympic.Thanks again for the info.
Jagan wrote on Nov 24, 2005:
have fun dude :-d