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Sonics vs Jazz

Had fun at Key Arena. Shan & I went. Seattle Sonics lost though. Didn’t have my G6 with me. This is just my poor mobile masquerading as a camera.

phoe6 wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
6600 ofcourse has a good quality. But I guess it will be bit difficult to carry.
Tammie wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
Sorry for this shameless plug, but if you want to see good basket ball in the key, go to a STORM game. The tickets are cheaper and the women are there for the love of the sport - which makes it a more fun game to watch. GO STORM!!
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
its not as heavy as it looks dude. the shape fits within ur palm too.

i've been to a Storm's game with tammie once. it was fun. tx tammie!