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Stock Market Game & Prize

Update: I have also created a ‘test game’ - for you to try things out - pls read on for details.

You will be playing with the real data but virtual money.

It is same as playing the real stock market - except that you have nothing to lose. No entry fee.

Lets spice it up a little bit. The winner will get USD $25. I will send the money to you by some means, no matter what country you may be from.

Registering: Click here & register to enter the stock market game. Name of the game : Khazaana01 You will be given USD $10,000 of virtual money to play with. Whoever increases this amount the most wins. As soon as you enter, please send me an email at kirubakaran#gmail#com, giving me your name, user id, country and stuff like that…

Test Area: I have created a “test” game you may want to fool with - just to try things out. Click here for that. Name of the game : Chumma01 Of course, whatever you do here will not count towards the prize.

I will give you further instructions as we go. The main goal is to learn. So, you can gain a lot by active participation. Feel free to ask all your friends to join. Lets consider this game as a precursor to the next game, which I hope to have for the whole Q1 of 2006. That game will carry a bigger prize.

The contest ends by Dec 30, 2005. You should have sold all your positions by then and should have converted everything to cash. Open positions (unsold shares) will not be counted for calculating portfolio value.

You can see this blog for more info.

TamilPonnu wrote on Nov 21, 2005:
so.. where are u from Kiruba???
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 21, 2005:
pirandhadhu - madurai

valarndhadhu - periyakulam

padichadhu (college) - kovilpatti
TamilPonnu wrote on Nov 21, 2005:
interesting... pirandhadhu- dindugal- moved to Virudhunagar- but my parents are from t'veli..

currently living in DC/VA.
TamilPonnu wrote on Nov 21, 2005:
Nice pic... btw..where was it taken??
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 21, 2005:
ada! namoor ponnu!! aacharyama irukey!!! :-)
(typical dialogue) :))

director of the shot - naaney thaan
photographer - my dad
location - pacific coast in oregon
(when my parents visited me this summer)

unga oor pongal-kku naanga college (NEC) la irundhu padai thirandu varuvom. 'thappu' music-kku dance aaduvom... ella veetlayum ponnungala munnadi ukaara vachirupaanga ille... :)
Jagan wrote on Nov 21, 2005:
dai..okie me will try this out ..ana konjam time kudu ba ....
TamilPonnu wrote on Nov 22, 2005:
hahaha.. that's cool man!!! I remember the grrls used to dress up with lotsa jewelry and nice pattu saree.. Good times!!so nee nalla dance aaduviyaa?

Good job dad & director!
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 22, 2005:
tx tamilponnu!
Anonymous wrote on Nov 23, 2005:
Ade kiruba..track maruthu...
poye bloga gavini..
Anonymous wrote on Jan 25, 2006:
who is that tamilponnu finally ?