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WeekEnd - End

[Update : Nov 15, 2005] The 100th post is coming up. Please wait. If you are really bored, check out my tryst with LiveJournal. It is not really meant for public consumption but I won’t mind if you look.
Pretty lousy weekend for blogging. Did my best to explain things. What more can one do? In blogging, emotions run high - for whatever reason - ~sigh~ I guess I will stick to my own blog henceforth.

Actually I had a lot to blog about… Simple pleasures of life, About the movie Chicken Little, Our trek in Cougar Mt, About the novel Deception Point, etc. I also thought that the whole comment-cracking mistaken accusations were over - and I was going to tell a concise story of that. But it looks like even the people who seemed to support have changed their minds now. Just not in mood guys… Lemme blog more some other time. Perhaps after a few days.

By the way, my next post will be my 100th. So I am planning to do it in real good mood - when that comes back.

Logging off.

Narayanan Venkitu wrote on Nov 12, 2005:
Sorry Kiruba,

I was also a reason for putting a damper in your blogging.! I feel a little guilty for jumping the gun!

I look forward to reading your blogs.

Keep it coming.
Jo wrote on Nov 13, 2005:
Kiruba, I hope you understand my take on this as I pointed out in Chin's blog and to your personal email. Well, you've shown enough courage to admit it and to present Chin with some solutions. So now get it over with.

Also I'd like to read the things you were going to blog about. So keep it coming. Never heard of the movie "Chicken Little". And hey, did you know that India's first animated feature film "Hanuman" is going to release soon???
Kavya wrote on Nov 13, 2005:
100th good luck with it
maniosai wrote on Nov 14, 2005:
Come back with all your energy da.
Jagan wrote on Nov 14, 2005:
ethukku ellam peelings ah ? quarter adichitu kuppara padatha ellam seri ya poidum :-d
donthecat wrote on Nov 14, 2005:
Kiruba, I apologise if I had hurt your feeling through my outburts in any way. I'm involved very seriously in net security and I only saw the 'evil' aspect of it.

I also got carried away after robbie's personal attacks on me in other blogs. I guess that was immature of me.

Pls understand that I have nothing personal against you whatsover..

The only downside of the whole thing is that someone caught on to the bug and 1st known victim seems to be Priya .

As Naani has been telling us, lets now get together to iron out the Google H-Bomb for bloggers before any harm is really done.

I've also sent a separate mail to you about some stuff you should read about the scums on the www.

Cheers dude and keep coming...oops keep it coming..:-)
Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 14, 2005:
sorry guys - i was away from the blogger for a while. hence the late responses.

thats okay. i understand that ur intentions were good.

thats okay dude. i'll mail u soon.

thank you!!!

thanks da!

tx machi - i have mailed u... will mail again later

thats okay. please let me know if i can be of any help. but i didn't receive ur email. can u plz send it again? people who know me understand my competence and my ethics.