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00:30 Steroid

What if you spend just 30 minutes every day (20min/40min… whatever you decide) CONSISTENTLY towards learning something totally new? It won’t get in the way of anything else and it won’t require a huge commitment. It will be easy.

What are your thoughts?

Gladtomeetin wrote on Dec 28, 2005:
Not a Bad idea....but Humans always tend/like to stick to what they know ;-))
Anonymous wrote on Dec 28, 2005:
What do u think abt learning something absolutely useless? Like some laws made several years ago but are absolutely looney today. For instance there was a law to say in Chicago, it is illegal to fish in one's pajamas. Or that the ancient Egyptians trained baboons to wait on tables. Hey we learnt 2 new things today!!
Kirubakaran wrote on Dec 28, 2005:
:-) i guess!
tx for stopping by

Kirubakaran wrote on Dec 28, 2005:
In the 30min slot today, I am going to learn aoout Python.
Kirubakaran wrote on Dec 28, 2005:
we can spend 30 min per day and comment here in a line or two about what we did. if it goes great, i can create a colloborative blog just for that and we can encourage & inspire each other. wat say?
maniosai wrote on Dec 29, 2005:
@ anonymous
Thanks for sharing the two snippets from history. Though these may look like useless bits of information it gives us an idea of how much complicated at times humans have become.

@ Kiruba
Great idea to keep each other motivated on following 30 min learning schedule.

Ok in my 30 min for learning something new today I am going to learn how to write a requirement list for developing a software.

@ gladtomeetin
Thats what we are trying to change here :D
Anonymous wrote on Dec 29, 2005:
An Inspirational Quote.

Procrastinate now, don't put it off
Ruchi wrote on Aug 15, 2007:
Well I've several 30 mins. So JS and Rexx.