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15 Minutes

Just finished watching 15 minutes. I am a big fan of Robert De Niro. I don’t mean that I am big and that I am his fan. I mean, I am a great fan of Robert De Niro. Aw! Now you are going to think that I am a conceited guy who just called himself great. I didn’t mean that either. Just when we tend to conclude that English is unnecessarily complicated, English has this beautiful expression to fix it all - “You know what I mean”! Don’t you think? :-) Yeah! You know what I mean? Of course you know what I mean!

:-) I got you a little tired there, didn’t I? It was fun for me though! :-))

Good movie. Not in the ‘great’ category though. But I enjoyed it. Now I know what people (12,067 of them) in IMDB mean by 6.1 out of 10.

I like to watch movies where we don’t know what is gonna happen next. I hate it when it is predictable. I loved Napoleon Dynamite for this reason (plus some more reasons). If you can patiently listen, I’ll rave for hours about Napoleon Dynamite.