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Adorable Video

You will absolutely love this video. Check it out! If you know Tamil, you will absolutely positively love this. Even otherwise, I guess you can get a pretty good picture. Don’t miss this one.

What are your thoughts? :-)))

[Credit: Srikanth Peddireddy]

Jagan wrote on Dec 02, 2005:
ellam unna mathiri peter gosti pola irrukey ;-)
3K(p) wrote on Dec 02, 2005:
There are times I long for familiarity in these strange surroundings, although I had lived among them for years. And when a shattering feeling of homesickness overwhelms me, I remember that pple everywhere leave a little of themselves behind when they leave home and I guess its possible to keep a little of home with you always. Then loneliness goes away, like it had been swept away and the place appears more friendly and acceptable. . . . thanks to the makings of such adorable videos and thanks to adorable Paati.
Narayanan Venkitu wrote on Dec 02, 2005:
Wonderful..ROTFL! PATTI.!! semma funny.!

Thank you.!

Jagan - LOL :)