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All-Day Skiing

If someone asks me “When is the last time you did something for the first time?”, I can say “Yesterday” :-) I skied all-day yesterday. Shan showed me how to attach the skis to the boots, how to walk uphill with skis on etc. Then I went to a 2-hr class which was a part of the package I purchased. They taught very systematically. But it was really gruelling. And boy! I’ve never worn/seen/imagined boots that heavy. I practised and got pretty good at it in the beginner slope. After much practice, I was able to go where I wanted to go and I was able to turn and stop as I wished too. I tried really hard and resisted the temptation to ski down the big slope Shan was skiing on (he has prior experience). Thats for next time.

This is where we skied!

My legs were hurting really badly from skiing the whole day. When I came back, I turned the heat up, settled down in the living room with a comforter, pillow, couple of chocolate chip cookies, DVDs and all remotes. Shan cooked the dinner :-)

Mallik Reddy wrote on Dec 27, 2005:
That must be fun. I did skiing about 2 years ... I bougt a pakage for $99 that has 3 lift passes and one class on each day. It was fun and wanted to do it again. Last year, there was no snow. This year there is snow., but I am required to be in one piece to take care of my new born son. Anyway, in which resort did you ski ?
Kirubakaran wrote on Dec 27, 2005:
See I told you! Having a baby changes everything!! My 'package' was not that costly. But I forgot my gloves and I had to buy them there and they cost me almost as much as the ski pass! :-(

You should do it Mallik. You will be in 1piece!