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Back To Civilization

We stayed in a place that had nothing but dial-up. I will tell the whole story in a day or two. Did para-sailing and jet-skiing.

Here is what I typed offline: [morning in Tampa] We are now in Tampa, FL in my friend Maddy’s house. We came here like 4AM.

[10:58AM South Beach - Hotel Shelly] Sunday. Second day in Miami. I am typing this offline. Only dial-up available from this hotel. I’ll probably do some war walking tonight and get this uploaded for your eyes.

We reached Miami yesterday night. Eleven of us, as I probably said before. We checked in. I saw game theory[link] at work when eleven of us had to occupy three rooms. Often, when you view things like that, it simply amuses you about how predictable the whole thing is - although it looks random behavior. I had a hot and relaxing shower. Did some catchup talks with my ex-roomie Sudhakar. Then We tried to walk around. It was like a procession, with eleven of us going as one group. To avoid the hassle of a police lathi charge and to save the government few rounds of tear gas shells, we split into three groups. Or may be a more significant factor was at play - different people wanted to go to ‘different places’ based on their ‘special interests’. Once again with game theory at work, we (‘we’ as in the group with ‘me’in it) got reduced to five guys. We roamed around in the place that was almost as crowded as Ranganathan St (in T.Nagar, Chennai, India). It was a lot more fun though. At least there were not three people pushing at any given time with a resultant force of zero. We just had to squeeze past people with extra helpings of ‘excuse me’s. It was nice and warm and we ate outdoors. I was in a little Englishy mood and went for fish and chips. By the time we were done with comsuming several species of dead animals, it was past midnight here.

Karen wrote on Dec 13, 2005:
I hope you are having a good time and some good weather. Are the beaches full of sunbathers?
Jagan wrote on Dec 13, 2005:
maams ..will get in touch with u sometime tmrw.